Bodil Hakonen

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A novel qualitative and quantitative biofilm assay based on 3D soft tissue

Bodil Hakonen, Linnea K. Lönnberg, E. Larkö et al
International Journal of Biomaterials. Vol. 2014, p. Article ID 768136-
Journal article

Lab on a Biomembrane

Alar Ainla, Irep Gözen, Bodil Hakonen et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 106 (2), p. 209A-209A
Magazine article

Lab on a Biomembrane: Rapid prototyping and manipulation of 2D fluidic lipid bilayers circuits

Alar Ainla, Irep Gözen, Bodil Hakonen et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 3
Journal article

High-Resolution Micropatterned Teflon AF Substrates for Biocompatible Nanofluidic Devices

Ilja Czolkos, Bodil Hakonen, Owe Orwar et al
Langmuir. Vol. 28 (6), p. 3200-3205
Journal article

Generation of phospholipid vesicle-nanotube networks and transport of molecules therein

Aldo Jesorka, Natalia Stepanyants, HAIJIANG ZHANG et al
Nature Protocols. Vol. 6 (6), p. 791-805
Journal article

Electrophoretic transport of latex particles in lipid nanotubes

Michal Tokarz, Bodil Hakonen, P. Dommersnes et al
Langmuir. Vol. 23 (14), p. 7652-7658
Journal article

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