Jenny Westerdahl

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Calculating the Swedish economy‐wide emissions of additives from plastic materials

Sverker Molander, Kristin Fransson, Johan Tivander et al
33rd Annual Meeting SETAC North America
Conference poster

Emissions of additives from plastics in the societal material stock – a case study for Sweden

Tomas Rydberg, Jenny Westerdahl, Elisabeth Hallberg et al
Global Risk-Based Management of Chemical Additives, p. 253-264
Book chapter

Emissions of chemicals from the economy-wide stock of plastic material - a first model iteration for Sweden

Jenny Westerdahl, Sverker Molander, Johan Tivander et al
21st Annual Meeting SETAC Europe, Milan, Italy, 2011
Paper in proceeding

Förnybara energikällors inverkan på de svenska miljömålen

Sverker Molander, Helene Ahlborg, Rickard Arvidsson et al

National inventory of emissions of additives from plastic materials

Jenny Westerdahl, Patrik Andersson, Filippa Fuhrman et al

Modelling chemical emissions from products - a Swedish case study of polymers and related chemicals

Sverker Molander, Johan Tivander, Filippa Fuhrman et al
Conference poster

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