Claes Alén

Biträdande professor at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, GeoEngineering

Claes Alén is a Professor at the Division of Geology and Geotechnics, research group Engineering geology and geotechnics. He is a researcher in soils technical properties and its applications. The research is important for a sustainable development of the built environment. Claes collaborates with the Swedish Geotechnical Institutes and the Swedish Transport administration. He is a member of the expert advice boards for the West Link project and the Marieholm Connection project respectively. Claes teaches in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, modeling and risk analysis as well as supervision of Master and Bachelor theses.




Creep of Geomaterials (CREEP)

Minna Karstunen GeoEngineering
Amardeep Amavasai GeoEngineering
Mats Karlsson GeoEngineering
Jean-Philippe Gras GeoEngineering
Claes Alén GeoEngineering
Jelke Dijkstra GeoEngineering
Jorge Yannie GeoEngineering
European Commission (FP7)


Long term Behavior of Tension Piles in Cohesive Soft Soil

Claes Alén GeoEngineering
Jorge Yannie GeoEngineering
Göran Sällfors GeoEngineering
Peter Hedborg GeoEngineering
Aaro Pirhonen GeoEngineering
Swedish Transport Administration


Risk management of groundwater drawdowns in subsidence sensitive areas: Cost-benefit analysis of safety measures in infrastructure projects

Lars Rosen GeoEngineering
Åsa Fransson GeoEngineering
Claes Alén GeoEngineering
Jonas Sundell GeoEngineering
Lars O Ericsson GeoEngineering

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A framework for Risk Assessment of Groundwater Drawdown Induced Subsidence

Jonas Sundell, Lars Rosén, Tommy Norberg et al
5th International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk (ISGSR), p. 256-262
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Experimental Research on Variation of Pore Water Pressure in Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test

H. Ahmadi, H. Rahimi, A. Soroush et al
Acta Geotechnica Slovenica. Vol. 11 (2), p. 46-57
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

A methodology for estimating risks associated with landslides of contaminated soil into rivers

G. Goransson, Jenny Norrman, M. Larson et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 472, p. 481-495
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Modelling compressibility of soft soils with anisotropic material models

Mats Olsson, Claes Alén, Minna Karstunen et al
4th International Workshop of Young Doctors in Geomechanics, W(H)YDOC 12, p. 85-89
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Some experiences from full-scale test embankments founded on floating lime-cement columns

Mats Olsson, Claes Alén,
Proc. of the 2nd int. workshop on Geotechnics of soft soils
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Development of a pore pressure prediction model

Håkan Persson, Claes Alén, Bo B. Lind et al
Landslides and Climate Change - Challenges and Solutions
Conference paper - non peer reviewed

Slitsmurar som permanenta konstruktioner

Claes Alén, Anders Lindvall, Morgan Johansson et al

Skredsäkerhet med hänsyn till klimatförändringar

Victoria Svahn, Claes Alén, Göran Sällfors et al
Bygg och Teknik (2), p. 78-81
Journal article - popular science

Test Embankments on Lime/Cement Stabilized Clay

Claes Alén, Sadek Baker, Jan Ekström et al
Deep Mixing '05
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Deformation properties of lime/cement columns. Evaluation from in-situ full scale tests of stabilised clay

Sadek Baker, Göran Sällfors, Claes Alén et al
Deep Mixing '05
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Lime/Cement Column Stabilised Soil - A New Model for settlement calculation

Claes Alén, Sadek Baker, Per-Evert Bengtsson et al
Deep Mixing '05
Conference paper - peer reviewed