Nastaran Dashti

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Optomechanical cooling with coherent and squeezed light: The thermodynamic cost of opening the heat valve

Juliette Monsel, Nastaran Dashti, Sushanth Kini et al
Physical Review A. Vol. 103 (6)
Journal article

Detailed study of nonlinear cooling with two-terminal configurations of topological edge states

Fatemeh Hajiloo, Pablo Terrén Alonso, Nastaran Dashti et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 102 (15)
Journal article

Power, Efficiency and Fluctuations in a Quantum Point Contact as Steady-State Thermoelectric Heat Engine

Sara Kheradsoud, Nastaran Dashti, Maciej Misiorny et al
Entropy. Vol. 21 (8), p. 1-18
Journal article

Minimal excitation single-particle emitters: Comparison of charge-transport and energy-transport properties

Nastaran Dashti, Maciej Misiorny, Sara Kheradsoud et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 100 (3)
Journal article

Heat Transport from On-demand Single-Electron Sources

Nastaran Dashti
Doctoral thesis

Screening effects in the interplay between thermoelectric response and time-dependent driving

Nastaran Dashti, Sara Kheradsoud, Maciej Misiorny et al

Charge and Energy Noise from On-demand Electron Sources

Nastaran Dashti
Licentiate thesis

Probing charge- and heat-current noise by frequency-dependent fluctuations in temperature and potential

Nastaran Dashti, Maciej Misiorny, Peter Samuelsson et al
Physical Review Applied. Vol. 10 (2), p. 024007-1-024007-18
Journal article

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