Vinoth Sundar Rajan

Researcher at Chemical Biology

Vinoth SUNDAR RAJAN joined as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Westerlund Research Group, Division of Chemical Biology. The project aims to investigate inter- and intramolecular forces in nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and interactions of nucleic acids with proteins using optical tweezers. The project is undertaken in close collaboration with the group of Marcus Wilhelmsson, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

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Short talk Studying the stability and conformational dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 SL4 RNA hairpin combining base analogues and optical tweezers

Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Anna Wiktoria Wypijewska Del Nogal, Sune Levin et al
European Biophysics Journal. Vol. 52 (Suppl 1), p. S42-S42
Other text in scientific journal

Exploring the conformational dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 SL4 hairpin by combining optical tweezers and base analogues

Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Anna Wiktoria Wypijewska Del Nogal, Sune Levin et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 16 (2), p. 752-764
Journal article

Thermodynamics and kinetics of the B-S transition in base-modified DNA

Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Sune Levin, M. J. McCauley et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 122 (3S1)
Journal article

Optical Biosensors Towards Point of Care Testing of Various Biochemicals

Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Archana Ramadoss
Materials Horizons: From Nature to Nanomaterials, p. 245-277
Book chapter

Complex conformational dynamics of the heart failure‐associated pre‐mirna‐377 hairpin revealed by single‐molecule optical tweezers

Anna Wiktoria Wypijewska Del Nogal, Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Fredrik Westerlund et al
International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Vol. 22 (16)
Journal article

Mechanical characterization of base analogue modified nucleic acids by force spectroscopy

Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Xavier Viader-Godoy, Yii Lih Lin et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 23 (26), p. 14151-14155
Journal article

Studying the Intramolecular Forces of Base-Modified Nucleic Acids using Optical Tweezers

Vinoth Sundar Rajan, Xavier Viader, Yii Lih Lin et al
Conference poster

Getting DNA and RNA out of the dark with 2CNqA: a bright adenine analogue and interbase FRET donor

Anna Wiktoria Wypijewska Del Nogal, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Mattias Bood et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 48 (14), p. 7640-7652
Journal article

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