Michael Gossing

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Expansion of the Yeast Modular Cloning Toolkit for CRISPR-Based Applications, Genomic Integrations and Combinatorial Libraries

Maximilian Otto, Christos Skrekas, Michael Gossing et al
ACS Synthetic Biology. Vol. 10 (12), p. 3461-3474
Journal article

A Perspective on Synthetic Biology in Drug Discovery and Development - Current Impact and Future Opportunities

Florian David, Andrew M. Davis, Michael Gossing et al
SLAS Discovery. Vol. 26 (5), p. 581-603
Review article

Modulation of saturation and chain length of fatty acids in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of cocoa butter-like lipids

David Bergenholm, Michael Gossing, Yongjun Wei et al
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Vol. 115 (4), p. 932-942
Journal article

Impact of forced fatty acid synthesis on metabolism and physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Michael Gossing, Agata Smialowska, Jens B Nielsen
FEMS Yeast Research. Vol. 18 (8)
Journal article

Expression of cocoa genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae improves cocoa butter production

Yongjun Wei, David Bergenholm, Michael Gossing et al
Microbial Cell Factories. Vol. 17 (1)
Journal article

Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for overproduction of triacylglycerols

Raphael Ferreira, Paulo Teixeira, Michael Gossing et al
Metabolic Engineering Communications. Vol. 6, p. 22-27
Journal article

Increasing cocoa butter-like lipid production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by expression of selected cocoa genes

Yongjun Wei, Michael Gossing, David Bergenholm et al
AMB Express. Vol. 7 (1)
Journal article

Metabolic engineering strategies for microbial synthesis of oleochemicals

B. F. Pfleger, Michael Gossing, Jens B Nielsen
Metabolic Engineering. Vol. 29, p. 1-11
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