Maria Gunnarsson

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On the interference of urea with CO2/CO32- chemistry of cellulose model solutions in NaOH(aq)

Maria Gunnarsson, Diana Bernin, Merima Hasani
Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 251
Journal article

The CO2/CO32−chemistry of the NaOH(aq) model system applicable to cellulose solutions

Maria Gunnarsson, Diana Bernin, Merima Hasani
Cellulose. Vol. 27 (2), p. 621-628
Journal article

The potential of magnetisation transfer NMR to monitor the dissolution process of cellulose in cold alkali

Maria Gunnarsson, Merima Hasani, Merima Hasani
Cellulose. Vol. 26 (18), p. 9403-9412
Journal article

Dissolution of cellulose in NaOH(aq): an unexpected chemisorption of CO2(g)

Merima Hasani, Maria Gunnarsson, Beatrice Swensson et al
Other conference contribution

Influence of urea on methyl β -D-glucopyranoside in alkali at different temperatures

Maria Gunnarsson, Merima Hasani, Diana Bernin
Cellulose. Vol. 26 (18), p. 9413-9422
Journal article

The CO2 capturing ability of cellulose dissolved in NaOH(aq) at low temperature

Maria Gunnarsson, Diana Bernin, Åsa Östlund et al
Green Chemistry. Vol. 20 (14), p. 3279-3286
Journal article

Chemisorption of air CO2 on cellulose: an overlooked feature of the cellulose/NaOH(aq) dissolution system

Maria Gunnarsson, Hans Theliander, Merima Hasani
Cellulose. Vol. 24 (6), p. 2427-2436
Journal article

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