Amir H Soleimani Salim

Researcher at Energy Technology

Amir Soleimani is a Post Doc at the department of Space, Earth, and Environment at Chalmers University of Technology. His research is focused on Chemical Looping Gasification (CLG) of biomass, which is a part of the EU’s CLARA (Chemical Looping gAsification foR sustainAble production of biofuels) project. The research focus is experimental and thermodynamic analysis of the biomass gasification in different test rigs aiming at net negative carbon emissions and utilization.

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Experimental evaluation of manganese ores for chemical looping conversion of synthetic biomass volatiles in a 300 W reactor system

Ali Hedayati, Amir H Soleimani Salim, Carl Johan Linderholm et al
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. Vol. 9 (2)
Journal article

Commissioning, performance benchmarking, and investigation of alkali emissions in a 10 kWth solid fuel chemical looping combustion pilot

Ivan Gogolev, Amir H Soleimani Salim, Carl Johan Linderholm et al
Fuel. Vol. 287
Journal article

Reactivity and lifetime assessment of an oxygen releasable manganese ore with biomass fuels in a 10 kWth pilot rig for chemical looping combustion

Daofeng Mei, Amir H Soleimani Salim, Carl Johan Linderholm et al
Fuel Processing Technology. Vol. 215
Journal article

Alkali-wall interactions in a laboratory-scale reactor for chemical looping combustion studies

Viktor Andersson, Amir H Soleimani Salim, Xiangrui Kong et al
Fuel Processing Technology. Vol. 217
Journal article

Preparation of Novel Oxygen Carriers Supported by Ti, Zr-Shelled γ-Alumina for Chemical Looping Combustion of Methane

Davood Karami, Amir H Soleimani Salim, Mohammad Hashem Sedghkerdar et al
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Vol. 59 (7), p. 3221-3228
Journal article

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