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Excited State Dynamics of Bistridentate and Trisbidentate Ru<sup>II</sup> Complexes of Quinoline-Pyrazole Ligands

L. A. Fredin, Joachim Wallenstein, Elin Sundin et al
Inorganic Chemistry. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Graphitic microstructure and performance of carbon fibre Li-ion structural battery electrodes

Athmane Boulaoued, Giulia Fredi, Joachim Wallenstein et al
Multifunctional Materials. Vol. 1 (1)
Journal article

Diastereomerization Dynamics of a Bistridentate Ru-II Complex

M. Jarenmark, G. Carlstrom, L. A. Fredin et al
Inorganic Chemistry. Vol. 55 (6), p. 3015-3022
Journal article

Emissive Ruthenium-Bisdiimine Complexes with Chelated Thioether Donors

Joachim Wallenstein, J. Sundberg, C. J. McKenzie et al
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (6), p. 897-906
Journal article

Chemical consequences of pyrazole orientation in RuII complexes of unsymmetric quinoline-pyrazole ligands

Joachim Hedberg Wallenstein, L. A. Fredin, M. Jarenmark et al
Dalton Transactions. Vol. 45 (29), p. 11723-11732
Journal article

High Extinction Coefficient Ru-Sensitizers that Promote Hole Transfer on Nanocrystalline TiO2

Maria Abrahamsson, Joachim Hedberg, Hans-Christian Becker et al
ChemPhysChem. Vol. 15 (6), p. 1154-1163
Journal article

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