Michael Heron

Senior Lecturer at Interaction Design and Software Engineering
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TTRPG UX: Requirements & Beyond

Miriam Amber Sturdee, Mafalda Samuelsson-Gamboa, Michael Heron
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings
Paper in proceeding

Communication Challenges in Social Board Games

Michael Crabb, Michael Heron
Simulation and Gaming. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Screenshots as Photography in Gamescapes: An Annotated Psychogeography of Imaginary Places

Mafalda Samuelsson-Gamboa, Michael Heron, Miriam Amber Sturdee et al
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, p. 506-518
Paper in proceeding

Tables Got Moves: A Review on Actuated Table Designs

Sjoerd Hendriks, Michael Heron, Mohammad Obaid
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Paper in proceeding

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Access Table: Accessible Collaboration around Configurable Displays

Morten Fjeld Interaction design
Mohammad Obaid Interaction design
Michael Heron Interaction design
Swedish Research Council (VR)

3 publications exist

A Technological Solution to Dexterity Board Gaming for Disabled Gamers

Michael Heron Interaction design
Promobilia foundation

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