Anders Hildeman

Post doc at Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing

Anders Hildeman's PhD was in spatial statistics with focus on spatial mixture models and stochastic partial differential equations. He is interested in probabilistic modelling, classification, prediction, and parameter estimation of spatial data. Anders is working with weather- and sea state data for the purpose of improving decision making in marine operations. Typically, the sea state will affect ships traveling on the ocean. Decisions on which route to undertake and how to operate the ship will in turn affect the perceived pleasure of passengers, risks of capsizing, and accumulated fatigue damage of the hull. It is therefore of importance to base those decisions on available data and sound analysis and understanding of the uncertainty.


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Level set Cox processes

Anders Hildeman, David Bolin, Jonas Wallin et al
Spatial Statistics. Vol. 28, p. 169-193
Journal article

Diffusion tensor imaging in multiple sclerosis at different final outcomes

O. Andersen, Anders Hildeman, Marco Longfils et al
Multiple Sclerosis. Vol. 23, p. 448-449
Conference contribution

A nationwide survey of the influence of month of birth on the risk of developing multiple sclerosis in Sweden and Iceland

O. Eliasdottir, Anders Hildeman, Marco Longfils et al
Multiple Sclerosis. Vol. 23, p. 119-119
Conference contribution

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Efficient Electronic Navigation at Sea (E-NAV)

Leif Eriksson Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing
Wengang Mao Marine Technology
Anders Hildeman Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing
European Commission (Horizon 2020)

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