Anders Hildeman

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Deep Learning on the Sphere for Multi-model Ensembling of Significant Wave Height

Andrea Littardi, Anders Hildeman, Mihalis A. Nicolaou
ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings. Vol. 2022-May, p. 3828-3832
Paper in proceeding

Joint spatial modeling of significant wave height and wave period using the SPDE approach

Anders Hildeman, David Bolin, Igor Rychlik
Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics. Vol. 68
Journal article

An evaluation of conditional spatial predictions of significant wave height based on the nonstationary spde model

Anders Hildeman, Wengang Mao
Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Vol. 2020-October, p. 2176-2183
Paper in proceeding

Deformed SPDE models with an application to spatial modeling of significant wave height

Anders Hildeman, David Bolin, Igor Rychlik
Spatial Statistics. Vol. In press
Journal article

Diffusion tensor imaging in multiple sclerosis at different final outcomes

O. Andersen, Anders Hildeman, Marco Longfils et al
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. Vol. 137 (2), p. 165-173
Journal article

A nationwide survey of the influence of month of birth on the risk of developing multiple sclerosis in Sweden and Iceland

O. Eliasdottir, Anders Hildeman, Marco Longfils et al
Journal of Neurology. Vol. 265 (1), p. 108-114
Journal article

Level set Cox processes

Anders Hildeman, David Bolin, Jonas Wallin et al
Spatial Statistics. Vol. 28, p. 169-193
Journal article

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E-Nav - Efficient Electronic Navigation at Sea

Leif Eriksson Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing
Anders Hildeman Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing
Wengang Mao Marine Technology
European Commission (EC)

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