Johnn Andersson

Doktorand at Department of Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

Johnn is passionate about creating a future where a prosperous and fair society thrives within the ecological limits set by our one and only planet. His main interest is trying to understand how global socio-technical transitions towards sustainability unfold, and how they can be promoted on different levels and by different actors in society. Johnn’s research explores how small countries, such as Sweden, can contribute to global energy transitions and renew domestic industry, by developing technologies that have a limited home market but a substantial global potential. Through case studies of solar and marine energy, he develops knowledge about key innovation processes and identifies implications for public policy.Before returning to Chalmers to do a PhD, Johnn worked five years as a management consultant, project manager and facilitator, in areas such as strategic sustainability, innovation, renewable energy, organizational development and knowledge transfer. He has also co-founded the climate initiative Save Our Snow, which aims to raise sustainability issues in the snow sports community. When Johnn is out of office, he can normally be found in the mountains or by the sea, enjoying being a part of nature through the thrills of skiing, climbing and surfing.




National challenges for industrialising energy technology in global innovation systems

Björn Sandén Department of Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis
Mats Lundqvist Department of Technology Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Johnn Andersson Department of Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis
Swedish Energy Agency

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The importance of political direction: An analysis of the Swedish marine energy innovation system

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Marin energi kan bli en stor svensk exportvara

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Trångsynt och nationalistiskt om solkraften

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Det räcker inte att forska om energi

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Potential Roles of Technical Research Institutes for Promoting Innovation

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