Jonna Hynynen

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Insights into Photosensitized Reactions for Upgrading Lignin

Alexander Michael Riddell, Jonna Hynynen, Francisco Baena-Moreno et al
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Vol. 11 (12), p. 4850-4859
Journal article

'Lignin and extractives first' conversion of lignocellulosic residual streams using UV light from LEDs

Jonna Hynynen, Alexander Michael Riddell, Abdenour Achour et al
Green Chemistry. Vol. 23 (20), p. 8251-8259
Journal article

High Thermoelectric Power Factor of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) through In-Plane Alignment and Doping with a Molybdenum Dithiolene Complex

Viktoriia Untilova, Jonna Hynynen, Anna Hofmann et al
Macromolecules. Vol. 53 (15), p. 6314-6321
Journal article

UV-to-IR Absorption of Molecularly p-Doped Polythiophenes with Alkyl and Oligoether Side Chains: Experiment and Interpretation Based on Density Functional Theory

Ihor Sahalianov, Jonna Hynynen, Stephen Barlow et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 124 (49), p. 11280-11293
Journal article

Enhanced Thermoelectric Power Factor of Tensile Drawn Poly(3-hexylthiophene)

Jonna Hynynen, Emmy Järsvall, Renee Kroon et al
ACS Macro Letters. Vol. 8 (1), p. 70-76
Journal article

Double doping of conjugated polymers with monomer molecular dopants

David Kiefer, Renee Kroon, Anna Hofmann et al
Nature Materials. Vol. 18 (2), p. 149-155
Journal article

Influence of crystallinity on the thermoelectric power factor of P3HT vapour-doped with F4TCNQ

Jonna Hynynen, David Kiefer, Christian Müller
RSC Advances. Vol. 8 (3), p. 1593-1599
Journal article

Additive-like amounts of HDPE prevent creep of molten LDPE: Phase-behavior and thermo-mechanical properties of a melt-miscible blend

Mattias Andersson, Jonna Hynynen, Mats Andersson et al
Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics. Vol. 55 (2), p. 146-156
Journal article

Highly Insulating Polyethylene Blends for High-Voltage Direct-Current Power Cables

Mattias Andersson, Jonna Hynynen, Mats Andersson et al
ACS Macro Letters. Vol. 6 (2), p. 78-82
Journal article

Bulk Doping of Millimeter-Thick Conjugated Polymer Foams for Plastic Thermoelectrics

Renee Kroon, Jason Ryan, David Kiefer et al
Advanced Functional Materials. Vol. 27 (47)
Journal article

Enhanced Electrical Conductivity of Molecularly p-Doped Poly(3-hexylthiophene) through Understanding the Correlation with Solid-State Order

Jonna Hynynen, David Kiefer, Liyang Yu et al
Macromolecules. Vol. 50 (20), p. 8140-8148
Journal article

Thermoelectric plastics: from design to synthesis, processing and structure-property relationships

Renee Kroon, Desalegn Alemu Mengistie, David Kiefer et al
Chemical Society Reviews. Vol. 45 (22), p. 6147-6164
Review article

Invariant Dielectric Strength upon Addition of Low Amounts of HDPE to LDPE

Mattias Andersson, Xiangrong Chen, Jonna Hynynen et al
Annual Report - Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, CEIDP, p. 711-714
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