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LoCoVolt: Distributed Detection of Broken Meters in Smart Grids through Stream Processing

Joris Van Rooij, Vincenzo Massimiliano Gulisano, Marina Papatriantafilou
DEBS '18 Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems, p. 171-182
Paper in proceedings

eChIDNA: Continuous Data Validation in Advanced Metering Infrastructures

Joris Van Rooij, Johan Swetzén, Vincenzo Massimiliano Gulisano et al
2018 IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON), p. 1-6
Paper in proceedings

Detecting Non-Technical Energy Losses through Structural Periodic Patterns in AMI data

Viktor Botev, Magnus Almgren, Vincenzo Massimiliano Gulisano et al
BDSG/BigData: Proceedings of the Workshop on Big Data in Smart Grids at the IEEE International Conference on BigData, p. 3121-3130
Paper in proceedings

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Vincenzo Massimiliano Gulisano Networks and Systems (Chalmers)
Joris Van Rooij Networks and Systems (Chalmers)
Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program

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