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Insights into hydrothermal aging of phosphorus-poisoned Cu-SSZ-13 for NH3-SCR

Kunpeng Xie, Jung Won Woo, Diana Bernin et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 241, p. 205-216
Journal article

A kinetic model for SCR coated particulate filters—Effect of ammonia-soot interactions

Lidija Trandafilovic, Oana Mihai, Jung Won Woo et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 241, p. 66-80
Journal article

Investigating the effect of Fe as a poison for catalytic HDO over sulfided NiMo alumina catalysts

Prakhar Arora, Houman Ojagh, Jungwon Woo et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 227, p. 240-251
Journal article

Gas-phase phosphorous poisoning of a Pt/Ba/Al2O3 NOx storage catalyst

Rasmus Jonsson, Oana Mihai, Jungwon Woo et al
Catalysts. Vol. 8 (4)
Journal article

Effect of various structure directing agents (SDAs) on low-temperature deactivation of Cu/SAPO-34 during NH3-SCR reaction

Jung Won Woo, Kirsten Leistner, Diana Bernin et al
Catalysis Science and Technology. Vol. 8 (12), p. 3090-3106
Journal article

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