Kristoffer Ekberg

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Crafting counter frames: Shell's corporate strategies in the Nigeria campaign, 1995–1998

Kristoffer Ekberg, Andrés Brink Pinto
Extractive Industries and Society
Journal article

History, Education of Desire and the Creation of New Energy Worlds

Kristoffer Ekberg, Angelica Wågström
Environment and History. Vol. 29 (1), p. 5-9
Other text in scientific journal

A Question of Utter Importance: The Early History of Climate Change and Energy Policy in Sweden, 1974–1983

Kristoffer Ekberg, Martin Hultman
Environment and History. Vol. 29 (3), p. 399-421
Journal article

Petrokultur och energihistoria

Jens Millkrantz, Anna Åberg, Kristoffer Ekberg et al
Scandia. Vol. 88 (1), p. 127-140
Review article

A Road to Denial: Climate Change and Neoliberal Thought in Sweden, 1988-2000

Kristoffer Ekberg, Victor Pressfeldt
Contemporary European History. Vol. 31 (4), p. 627-644
Journal article

Capitalist eschatology: Immediacy, investment, ideology

Anna Åberg, Karl Palmås, Kristoffer Ekberg
Other conference contribution

Is there such a thing as a capitalist eschatology?

Karl Palmås, Kristoffer Ekberg, Anna Åberg
Futures. Vol. 136
Journal article

Maskuliniteter och klimatpolitik

Martin Hultman, Kristoffer Ekberg
Feministiska perspektiv på global politik
Book chapter

Petrocultural reactions - the campaign against Swedish Royal Dutch Shell in the 1990s

Kristoffer Ekberg, Andrés Brink Pinto
Other conference contribution

CSSN Research Report 2021:2: The Mises Network and Climate Policy

Dieter Plehwe, Max Goldenbaum, Archana Ramanujam et al

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Swedish petrocultures: Pervasive fossil fuel practices that obstruct climate change mitigation

Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
Kristoffer Ekberg Science,Technology and Society
Per Lundin Science, Technology and Society

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