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Doctoral Student at Network and Systems

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A Systematic Literature Review on Automotive Digital Forensics: Challenges, Technical Solutions and Data Collection

Kim Strandberg, Nasser Nowdehi, Tomas Olovsson
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles. Vol. 8 (2), p. 1350-1367
Journal article

CONSERVE: A framework for the selection of techniques for monitoring containers security

Rodi Jolak, Thomas Rosenstatter, Mazen Mohamad et al
Journal of Systems and Software. Vol. 186
Journal article

UniSUF: a unified software update framework for vehicles utilizing isolation techniques and trusted execution environments

Kim Strandberg, Dennis Kengo Oka, Tomas Olovsson
19th escar Europe : The World's Leading Automotive Cyber Security Conference, p. 86-100
Paper in proceeding

Resilient Shield: Reinforcing the Resilience of Vehicles Against Security Threats

Kim Strandberg, Thomas Rosenstatter, Rodi Jolak et al
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. Vol. 2021-April
Paper in proceeding

REMIND: A Framework for the Resilient Design of Automotive Systems

Thomas Rosenstatter, Kim Strandberg, Rodi Jolak et al
2020 IEEE Secure Development (SecDev), p. 81-95
Paper in proceeding

Securing the Connected Car: A Security Enhancement Methodology

Kim Strandberg, Tomas Olovsson, Erland Jonsson
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. Vol. 13 (1), p. 56-65
Journal article

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