Kristina Lindgren

Post doc at Microstructure Physics

My current research mainly (but not exclusively) concerns ageing of metallic materials, characterised using atom probe tomography (APT). I am involved in various projects where we try to understand irradiation damage, oxidation, and more, at the nanometre scale. In December 2018 I defended my PhD thesis that mainly concern neutron irradiation damage and thermal ageing of the reactor pressure vessel.

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Investigation of AgGaSe2 as a Wide Gap Solar Cell Absorber

Jes Larsen, Olivier Donzel-Gargand, Kostiantyn V. Sopiha et al
ACS Applied Energy Materials. Vol. 4 (2), p. 1805-1814
Journal article

Insight into hydrothermal aging effect on Pd sites over Pd/LTA and Pd/SSZ-13 as PNA and CO oxidation monolith catalysts

Aiyong Wang, Kristina Lindgren, Mengqiao Di et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 278
Journal article

Atom Probe Tomography Interlaboratory Study on Clustering Analysis in Experimental Data Using the Maximum Separation Distance Approach

Yan Dong, Auriane Etienne, Alex Frolov et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis
Journal article

Microstructural evolution of welded stainless steels on integrated effect of thermal aging and low flux irradiation

Martin Bjurman, Kristina Lindgren, Mattias Thuvander et al
Minerals, Metals and Materials Series. Vol. Part F11, p. 703-710
Paper in proceedings

Cluster formation in in-service thermally aged pressurizer welds

Kristina Lindgren, M. Boasen, Krystyna Marta Stiller et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 504, p. 23-28
Journal article

Interplay of water and reactive elements in oxidation of alumina-forming alloys

Nooshin Mortazavi Seyedeh, Christine Geers, Mohsen Esmaily et al
Nature Materials. Vol. 17, p. 610-617
Journal article

Thermal ageing of low alloy steel weldments from a Swedish nuclear power plant - the evolution of the microstructure

Kristina Lindgren, Magnus Boåsen, Krystyna Marta Stiller et al
Paper in proceedings

Evolution of precipitation in reactor pressure vessel steel welds under neutron irradiation

Kristina Lindgren, M. Boasen, Krystyna Marta Stiller et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 488, p. 222-230
Journal article

Development of matrix microstructure in polycrystalline cubic boron nitride ceramics

Kristina Lindgren, A. Kauppi, Lena Falk
Journal of the European Ceramic Society. Vol. 37 (9), p. 3017-3026
Journal article

On the Analysis of Clustering in an Irradiated Low Alloy Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Weld

Kristina Lindgren, Krystyna Marta Stiller, P. Efsing et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 23 (2), p. 376-384
Journal article

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European Database for Multiscale Modelling of Radiation Damage - ENTENTE

Kristina Lindgren Microstructure Physics
European Commission (EC)

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