León Poblete

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Sourcing energy services in business-to-business contexts: practices among end-customers

León Poblete, Arni Halldorsson
Energy Efficiency. Vol. 16 (3)
Journal article

Resource interaction: Key concepts, relations and representations

Frans Prenkert, Klas Hedvall, Nina Hasche et al
Industrial Marketing Management. Vol. 105, p. 48-59
Journal article

Friends or strangers? Attempts at reactivating buyer–supplier relationships

León Poblete, Anna Bengtson
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Vol. 36 (2), p. 177-190
Journal article

Nominated procurement and the indirect control of nominated sub-suppliers: Evidence from the Sri Lankan apparel supply chain

Enrico Fontana, Christina Öberg, León Poblete
Journal of Business Research. Vol. 127, p. 179-192
Journal article

Resource transformation in the reconstitution of broken interorganizational relationships

León Poblete
Journal of Strategy and Management. Vol. 14 (2), p. 207-226
Journal article

“I want you back”: On the strategic roles of boundary spanners in supplier switching-back processes

León Poblete, Anna Bengtson
Industrial Marketing Management. Vol. 91, p. 234-245
Journal article

How B2B Companies Can Win Back Customers They’ve Lost

Frank V. Cespedes, León Poblete
Harvard Business Review. Vol. June 3rd
Magazine article

Många intressenter och många krav på e-handelsdistribution

León Poblete, Per-Olof Arnäs, Fredrik Hamnén et al
Supply Chain Effect, p. 14-17
Newspaper article

Foreign investment and economic integration: Meat industry in the Baltic Sea Region

León Poblete, Richard Nakamura
Baltic Worlds. Vol. VI (3-4), p. 38-42
Journal article

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