Leo Svenningsson

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A combined theoretical and experimental study of the polymer matrix mediated stress transfer in a cellulose nanocomposite

Anna Peterson, Aleksandar Y. Mehandzhiyski, Leo Svenningsson et al
Macromolecules. Vol. 54 (7), p. 3507-3516
Journal article

Polarized Raman Spectroscopy Strategy for Molecular Orientation of Polymeric Fibers with Raman Tensors Deviating from the Molecular Frame

Leo Svenningsson, Lars Evenäs
ACS Applied Polymer Materials. Vol. 2 (11), p. 4809-4813
Journal article

Molecular orientation in cellulose fibers and composites

Leo Svenningsson
Doctoral thesis

Molecular Orientation Distribution of Regenerated Cellulose Fibers Investigated with Polarized Raman Spectroscopy

Leo Svenningsson, Yuan-Chih Lin, Maths Karlsson et al
Macromolecules. Vol. 52 (10), p. 3918-3924
Journal article

Molecular orientation distribution of regenerated cellulose fibers investigated with rotor synchronized solid state NMR spectroscopy

Leo Svenningsson, Tobias Sparrman, Erik Bialik et al
Cellulose. Vol. 26 (8), p. 4681-4692
Journal article

A revised solid-state NMR method to assess the crystallinity of cellulose

T. Sparrman, Leo Svenningsson, Karin Sjövold et al
Cellulose. Vol. 26 (17), p. 8993-9003
Journal article

Orange is the new white: Rapid curing of an ethylene-glycidyl methacrylate copolymer with a Ti-bisphenolate type catalyst

Massimiliano Mauri, Leo Svenningsson, Thomas Hjertberg et al
Polymer Chemistry. Vol. 9 (13), p. 1710-1718
Journal article

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