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Nanomedical Relevance of the Intermolecular Interaction Dynamics-Examples from Lysozymes and Insulins

Ruiyan Zhang, Ning Zhang, Marzieh Mohri et al
ACS OMEGA. Vol. 4 (2), p. 4206-4220
Journal article

Lysozyme's lectin-like characteristics facilitates its immune defense function

R. Y. Zhang, Lisha Wu, T. Eckert et al
Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics. Vol. 50, p. 1-12
Journal article

Thread Insertion of a Bis(dipyridophenazine) Diruthenium Complex into the DNA Double Helix by the Extrusion of AT Base Pairs and Cross-Linking of DNA Duplexes

D. Roeland Boer, Lisha Wu, Per Lincoln et al
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. Vol. 53 (7), p. 1949-1952
Journal article

Initial DNA Interactions of the Binuclear Threading Intercalator Λ,Λ-[μ-bidppz(bipy)4Ru2]4+: An NMR Study with [d(CGCGAATTCGCG)]2

Lisha Wu, Anna Reymer, Christer Persson et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 19 (17), p. 5401-5410
Journal article

Minor-Groove Binding Drugs: Where Is the Second Hoechst 33258 Molecule?

Louise Fornander, Lisha Wu, Martin Billeter et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 117 (19), p. 5820-5830
Journal article

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