Axel Eriksson

Researcher at Quantum Technology

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Universal control of a bosonic mode via drive-activated native cubic interactions

Axel Eriksson, Théo Sépulcre, Mikael Kervinen et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 15 (1)
Journal article

Deterministic generation of shaped single microwave photons using a parametrically driven coupler

Jiaying Yang, Axel Eriksson, Aamir Ali et al
Physical Review Applied. Vol. 20 (5)
Journal article

Controllable branching of robust response patterns in nonlinear mechanical resonators

Axel Eriksson, Oriel Shoshani, Daniel López et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 14 (1), p. 161-
Journal article

Quantum process tomography of continuous-variable gates using coherent states

Mikael Kervinen, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Marina Kudra et al

Bifurcation Generated Mechanical Frequency Comb

David A. Czaplewski, Changyao Chen, Daniel Lopez et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 121 (24)
Journal article

Analysis of Lateral Thermal Coupling for GaN MMIC Technologies

Johan Bremer, Johan Bergsten, Lowisa Hanning et al
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. Vol. 66 (10), p. 4430-4438
Journal article

Zero-Phase-Difference Josephson Current Based on Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking via Parametric Excitation of a Movable Superconducting Dot

Martin Eriksson, Anton Vikström
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 118 (19), p. 197701-
Journal article

Energy-dependent path of dissipation in nanomechanical resonators

J. Güttinger, A. Noury, P. Weber et al
Nature Nanotechnology. Vol. 12 (7), p. 631-636
Journal article

Nanoelectromechanical Heat Engine Based on Electron-Electron Interaction

Anton Vikström, Martin Eriksson, Sergeij I. Kulinich et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 117 (24)
Journal article

Nonresonant high-frequency excitation of mechanical vibrations in a movable quantum dot

Martin Eriksson
New Journal of Physics. Vol. 17 (11), p. Art. nr. 113057-
Journal article

Selective nonresonant excitation of vibrational modes in suspended graphene via vibron-plasmon interaction

Martin Eriksson, Leonid Gorelik
2D Materials. Vol. 2 (4)
Journal article

Nonresonant high frequency excitation of mechanical vibrations in a graphene based nanoresonator

Martin Eriksson, Marina Voinova, Leonid Gorelik
New Journal of Physics. Vol. 17
Journal article

Frequency tuning, nonlinearities and mode coupling in circular mechanical graphene resonators

Martin Eriksson, Daniel Midtvedt, Alexander Croy et al
Nanotechnology. Vol. 24 (39), p. srt. no. 395702-
Journal article

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