Mengqiao Di

Doctoral Student at Applied Chemistry

Mengqiao Di works with environmental catalysis with a focus on how to design heterogeneous catalysts for oxidation of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons at low-temperatures, i.e., from room temperature to about 150°C.

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Explanation of anomalous rate capability enhancement by manganese oxide incorporation in carbon nanofiber electrodes for electrochemical capacitors

Qi Li, Volodymyr Kuzmenko, Mohammad Mazharul Haque et al
Electrochimica Acta. Vol. 340
Journal article

Insight into hydrothermal aging effect on Pd sites over Pd/LTA and Pd/SSZ-13 as PNA and CO oxidation monolith catalysts

Aiyong Wang, Kristina Lindgren, Mengqiao Di et al
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. Vol. 278
Journal article

Characterization and modeling of acousto-optic signal strengths in highly scattering media

Alexander Bengtsson, David Hill, Meng Li et al
Biomedical Optics Express. Vol. 10 (11), p. 5565-5584
Journal article

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