Nalin Kumar Sharma

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Online Learning for Chance-Constrained Observer of Leading Heavy-Duty Vehicle Power Capability

Nalin Kumar Sharma, Nikolce Murgovski, Esteban Gelso
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Optimal eco-driving of a heavy-duty vehicle behind a leading heavy-duty vehicle

Nalin Kumar Sharma, Ahad Hamednia, Nikolce Murgovski et al
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Journal article

Predictive cruise control behind a stationary or slow moving object

Sten Elling Tingstad Jacobsen, Anton Gustafsson, Nam Vu et al
IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Proceedings. Vol. 2019-June, p. 2099-2105
Paper in proceeding

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Optimal energy management in miscellaneous traffic

Nikolce Murgovski Mechatronics
Jonas Fredriksson Mechatronics
Adrian Ilka Mechatronics
Nalin Kumar Sharma Mechatronics
Jonas Sjöberg Mechatronics
Swedish Electromobility Centre

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