Dmitri Riabov

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Reduction of oxygen content in laser powder bed fusion process atmosphere – Effects on stochastic defect formation and mechanical properties

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz, JJ Moverare, Alain Küng et al
Journal of Materials Research and Technology. Vol. 30, p. 4667-4681
Journal article

Mechanical properties of Hastelloy X produced by laser powder bed fusion and affected by spatter redeposition

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz, JJ Moverare, Vishal Sundar et al
Journal of Materials Research and Technology. Vol. 29, p. 4200-4215
Journal article

Design and characterization of a cobalt-free stainless maraging steel for laser-based powder bed fusion

Dmitri Riabov, Karin Frisk, Mattias Thuvander et al
Materials and Design. Vol. 223
Journal article

Laser-based powder bed fusion of stainless steels

Dmitri Riabov
Doctoral thesis

Effect of powder variability on laser powder bed fusion processing and properties of 316L

Dmitri Riabov, Laura Cordova Gonzalez, Eduard Hryha et al
European Journal of Materials. Vol. 2 (1), p. 202-221
Journal article

Investigation of the strengthening mechanism in 316L stainless steel produced with laser powder bed fusion

Dmitri Riabov, Alexander Leicht, Johan Ahlström et al
Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing. Vol. 822
Journal article

Metal Powder Production for Additive Manufacturing

Eduard Hryha, Dmitri Riabov
Encyclopedia of Materials: Metals and Alloys, p. 264-271
Book chapter

Effect of atomization on surface oxide composition in 316L stainless steel powders for additive manufacturing

Dmitri Riabov, Eduard Hryha, Masoud Rashidi et al
Surface and Interface Analysis. Vol. 52 (11), p. 694-706
Journal article

Effect of the powder feedstock on the oxide dispersion strengthening of 316L stainless steel produced by laser powder bed fusion

Dmitri Riabov, Masoud Rashidi, Eduard Hryha et al
Materials Characterization. Vol. 169
Journal article

Factors Affecting Printability of 316L Powders Using the DMLS Process

Dmitri Riabov, Sven Bengtsson
Proceedings of World PM 2018
Paper in proceeding

Effect of active components of sintering atmosphere on reduction/oxidation processes during sintering of Cr-alloyed PM steels

Eduard Hryha, Seshendra Karamchedu, Dmitri Riabov et al
Journal of the American Ceramic Society. Vol. 98 (11), p. 3561-3568
Journal article

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