Partho Sen

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Metabolic Profiling and Compound-Class Identification Reveal Alterations in Serum Triglyceride Levels in Mice Immunized with Human Vaccine Adjuvant Alum

Sakda Khoomrung, Intawat Nookaew, Partho Sen et al
Journal of Proteome Research. Vol. 19 (1), p. 269-278
Journal article

Evaluation and assessment of read-mapping by multiple next-generation sequencing aligners based on genome-wide characteristics

Subazini Thankaswamy, Partho Sen, Intawat Nookaew
Genomics. Vol. 109 (3-4), p. 186-191
Journal article

Selection of complementary foods based on optimal nutritional values

Partho Sen, Adil Mardinoglu, Jens B Nielsen
Scientific Reports. Vol. 7 (1), p. Article no 5413 -
Journal article

Herring and chicken/pork meals lead to differences in plasma levels of TCA intermediates and arginine metabolites in overweight and obese men and women.

ANDREW VINCENT, Otto Savolainen, Partho Sen et al
Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. Vol. 61 (3), p. Art no UNSP 1600400-
Journal article

Comparative Systems Analyses Reveal Molecular Signatures of Clinically tested Vaccine Adjuvants

T. A. Olafsdottir, M. Lindqvist, Intawat Nookaew et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 6
Journal article

Quantifying Diet-Induced Metabolic Changes of the Human Gut Microbiome

Saeed Shoaie, Pouyan Ghaffari Nouran, P. Kovatcheva-Datchary et al
Cell Metabolism. Vol. 22 (2), p. 320-331
Journal article

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