Teresa E Chen

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Corrosion Pattern and Mechanical Behaviour of Corroded Rebars in Cracked Plain and Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Teresa E Chen, Carlos Gil Berrocal, Ingemar Löfgren et al
RILEM Bookseries. Vol. 30, p. 477-488
Paper in proceedings

Assessment of the mechanical behaviour of reinforcement bars with localised pitting corrosion by Digital Image Correlation

Teresa E Chen, Carlos Gil Berrocal, Ignasi Fernandez et al
Engineering Structures. Vol. 219
Journal article

Hybridarmerade konstruktioner i kloridhaltiga miljöer – beständighet, säkerhet och livscykelkostnader

Teresa E Chen, Carlos Gil Berrocal, Ingemar Löfgren et al
Bygg och teknik. Vol. 2020 (6), p. 14-19
Magazine article

Correlation between concrete cracks and corrosion characteristics of steel reinforcement in pre-cracked plain and fibre-reinforced concrete beams

Teresa E Chen, Carlos Gil Berrocal, Ingemar Löfgren et al
Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions. Vol. 53 (2)
Journal article

Modeling on the hydration and leaching of eco-friendly magnesium oxychloride cement paste at the micro-scale

Shengwen Tang, Yang Hu, Wang Ren et al
Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 204, p. 684-690
Journal article

Current and future hydropower development in Southeast Asia countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar)

Shengwen Tang, Jingtao Chen, Peigui Sun et al
Energy Policy. Vol. 129, p. 239-249
Journal article

The investigation of early hydration and pore structure for limestone powder wastes blended cement pastes

Zhen He, Rongjin Cai, Teresa E Chen et al
Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 229
Journal article

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Hybrid reinforcement solutions in chloride environment: durability, safety and life cycle costs

Ingemar Löfgren Structural Engineering
Karin Lundgren Structural Engineering
Carlos Gil Berrocal Structural Engineering
Teresa Chen Structural Engineering
Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry (SBUF)
Swedish Transport Administration

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