Thomas Bäckdahl

Senior Lecturer at Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Analysis and Probability Theory

My research is focused on mathematical problems related to general relativity, in particular black holes, their geometry and stability.


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New identities for linearized gravity on the Kerr spacetime

Steffen Aksteiner, Lars Andersson, Thomas Bäckdahl
Physical Review D. Vol. 99 (4)
Journal article

All Local Gauge Invariants for Perturbations of the Kerr Spacetime

Steffen Aksteiner, Thomas Bäckdahl
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 121 (5)
Journal article

A new tensorial conservation law for Maxwell fields on the Kerr background

L. Andersson, Thomas Bäckdahl, P. Blue
Journal of Differential Geometry. Vol. 105 (2), p. 163-176
Journal article

A formalism for the calculus of variations with spinors

Thomas Bäckdahl, J. A. V. Kroon
Journal of Mathematical Physics. Vol. 57 (2), p. artikel nr 022502-
Journal article

Decay of solutions to the Maxwell equation on the Schwarzschild background

L. Andersson, Thomas Bäckdahl, P. Blue
Classical and Quantum Gravity. Vol. 33 (8)
Journal article

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