Tobias Tingberg

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Photoluminescence Properties and Fabrication of Red-Emitting LEDs based on Ca9Eu(VO4)(7) Phosphor

Suchinder Sharma, Tobias Tingberg, Irene Carrasco et al
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology. Vol. 9 (1)
Journal article

Weak thermal quenching of the luminescence in the Ca3Sc2Si3O12:Ce3+ garnet phosphor

Suchinder Sharma, Yuan-Chih Lin, Irene Carrasco et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 6 (33), p. 8923-8933
Journal article

Investigation of Si and O Donor Impurities in Unintentionally Doped MBE-Grown GaN on SiC(0001) Substrate

Tobias Tingberg, Tommy Ive, Anders Larsson
Journal of Electronic Materials. Vol. 46 (8), p. 4898-4902
Journal article

Step-flow growth of GaN(0001) on 4H-SiC(0001) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy

Tobias Tingberg, Anders Larsson, Tommy Ive
Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science. Vol. 213 (9), p. 2498-2502
Journal article

Growth of ZnO(0001) on GaN(0001)/4H-SiC buffer layers by plasma-assisted hybrid molecular beam epitaxy

David Adolph, Tobias Tingberg, Tommy Ive
Journal of Crystal Growth. Vol. 426, p. 129-134
Journal article

Plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of ZnO on in-situ grown GaN/4H-SiC buffer layers

David Adolph, Tobias Tingberg, Thorvald Andersson et al
Frontiers of Materials Science. Vol. 9 (2), p. 185-191
Journal article

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