Unni Engedahl

Doctoral Student at Chemical Physics

My project is about investigating the structure and properties of zeolites in relation to partial methane oxidation to methanol. Reducing the emission of methane is an important factor in combating climate change and the porous structure of the zeolites have shown promising results for the methanol production reaction. Using theoretical calculations, and together with experimental groups, we strive to explore this possibility further. Before I started my PhD studies in 2017, I did my bachelor and master in Physics and Astronomy at Chalmers.

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Reaction mechanism for methane-to-methanol in CU-SSZ-13: First-principles study of the Z2[Cu2O] and Z2[Cu2oh] motifs

Unni Engedahl, Adam Arvidsson, Henrik Grönbeck et al
Catalysts. Vol. 11 (1), p. 1-12
Journal article

First-principles study of oxidation state and coordination of Cu-Dimers in Cu-SSZ-13 during methane-to-methanol reaction conditions

Unni Engedahl, Henrik Grönbeck, Anders Hellman
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 123 (43), p. 26145-26150
Journal article

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