Mathias Flansbjer

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Anchorage of naturally corroded, plain reinforcement bars in flexural members

Samanta Robuschi, Karin Lundgren, Ignasi Fernandez et al
Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions. Vol. 53 (2)
Journal article

Experimental study of time-dependent properties of a low-pH concrete for deposition tunnels

Alexandre Mathern, Mathias Flansbjer, Ingemar Löfgren et al
Proceedings of the International Federation for Structural Concrete 5th International fib Congress, 7–11 October 2018, Melbourne, Australia, p. 1726-1735
Paper in proceeding

Residual Capacity of RC Beams Subjected to Impact Loading

Morgan Johansson, Joosef Leppänen, Mathias Flansbjer et al
Shock and Vibration Exchange
Paper in proceeding

Anchorage capacity of corroded smooth reinforcement bars in existing reinforced structures.

Samanta Robuschi, Karin Lundgren, Ignasi Fernandez et al
Paper in proceeding

Autonomous Automated Non-Intrusive Condition Assessment – a feasibility study including experiments and numerical analyses

Kamyab Zandi, Mathias Johansson, Jörgen Spetz et al
Proceedings of XXIII Nordic Concrete Research Symposium. Vol. 56 (1), p. 11-15
Paper in proceeding

Bending behaviour of novel Textile Reinforced Concrete-foamed concrete (TRC-FC) sandwich elements

Natalie Williams Portal, Mathias Flansbjer, Kamyab Zandi et al
Composite Structures. Vol. 177, p. 104-118
Journal article

Tensile behaviour of textile reinforcement under accelerated ageing conditions

Natalie Williams Portal, Mathias Flansbjer, Pär Johannesson et al
Journal of Building Engineering. Vol. 5 (5), p. 57-66
Journal article

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Studie av deformationsförmågan hos armerad betong via kombination av fallviktsförsök och statiska försök på armerad betong

Morgan Johansson Structural Engineering
Jonas Ekström Structural Engineering
Mathias Flansbjer Structural Engineering
Joosef Leppänen Structural Engineering
Stiftelsen Fortifikationskårens Forskningsfond

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