Wardah Mahmood

Doctoral Student at Interaction Design and Software Engineering
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Effects of variability in models: a family of experiments

Wardah Mahmood, Daniel Strüber, Anthony Anjorin et al
Empirical Software Engineering. Vol. 27 (3)
Journal article

Seamless Variability Management with the Virtual Platform

Wardah Mahmood, Daniel Strüber, Thorsten Berger et al
Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering
Paper in proceeding

Detecting Semantic Conflicts Via Automated Behavior Change Detection

Leuson Da Silva, Paulo Borba, Wardah Mahmood et al
2020 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME)
Paper in proceeding

Promote-pl: a round-trip engineering process model for adopting and evolving product lines

Jacob Krüger, Wardah Mahmood, Thorsten Berger
SPLC 2020 - 24th ACM International Systems and Software Product Line Conference. Vol. A, p. 1-12
Paper in proceeding

Causes of merge conflicts: a case study of ElasticSearch

Wardah Mahmood, Moses Chagama, Thorsten Berger et al
Proceedings of the 14th International Working Conference on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems, p. 1-9
Paper in proceeding

A Common Notation and Tool Support for Embedded Feature Annotations

Tobias Schwarz, Wardah Mahmood, Thorsten Berger
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series. Vol. Part F164402-B, p. 5-8
Paper in proceeding

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