Xiaoyan Zhang

Assistant Professor at Chemistry and Biochemistry

Xiaoyan Zhang leads the group of ‘Chemistry on 2D Materials’. His research focuses on combination of functional molecules with 2D materials through covalent and noncovalent approaches. The as-prepared molecules/2D materials hybrid systems are further explored in ad-hoc applications such as energy conversion and storage, sensing, nanodevices, etc. Through the research, a better understanding of the structure-property-function relationship is studied in detail, especially on how the molecules affect the properties of 2D materials.

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Covalent Functionalization of Two-Dimensional Black Phosphorus Nanosheets with Porphyrins and Its Photophysical Characterizations

Shameel Thurakkal, Xiaoyan Zhang
Materials Chemistry Frontiers. Vol. 5 (6), p. 2824-2831
Journal article

The Art of Constructing Black Phosphorus Nanosheet Based Heterostructures: From 2D to 3D

Shameel Thurakkal, David Feldstein, Raul Perea Causin et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 33 (3)
Review article

Recent Advances in Chemical Functionalization of 2D Black Phosphorous Nanosheets

Shameel Thurakkal, Xiaoyan Zhang
Advanced Science. Vol. 7 (2), p. 1902359-
Review article

Chemical Functionalization of 2D Materials

N. Martin, N. Tagmatarchis, Qing Hua Wang et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 26 (29), p. 6292-6295
Other text in scientific journal

Carbon-Based Electrode Materials for Microsupercapacitors in Self-Powering Sensor Networks: Present and Future Development

Anderson David Smith, Qi Li, Agin Vyas et al
Sensors. Vol. 19 (19)
Journal article

Optically switchable organic light-emitting transistors

Lili Hou, Xiaoyan Zhang, Giovanni F. Cotella et al
Nature Nanotechnology
Journal article

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Graphene enhanced conductive cementitious coating (GREC)

Arezou Baba Ahmadi Building Technology
Xiaoyan Zhang Chemistry and Biochemistry


Harnessing Covalent Chemistry on Two-dimensional Black Phosphorus Nanosheets

Xiaoyan Zhang Chemistry and Biochemistry
Swedish Research Council (VR)


Flexibla 2D

Xiaoyan Zhang Chemistry and Biochemistry
Göteborg Energi AB

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