Yuanmo Wang

Post doc at Chemistry and Biochemistry

Yuanmo Wang is a Postdoc in the Cans lab. Her work focuses on the development of new type of ultrafast biosensor technologies for detection of neurotransmitters and metabolites that play key roles in neuronal communication. The work involves bringing the new biosensors technologies for neurochemical measurement at neuronal cells and brain tissue and with the aim to answer important questions related to brain functions in healthy as well as the diseased brain.

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A selected review of recent advances in the study of neuronal circuits using fiber photometry

Yuanmo Wang, Emily M. DeMarco, Lisa Sophia Witzel et al
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior. Vol. 201
Review article

Molecular Crowding and a Minimal Footprint at a Gold Nanoparticle Support Stabilize Glucose Oxidase and Boost Its Activity

Yuanmo Wang, Rima Jonkuté, Hampus Lindmark et al
Langmuir. Vol. 36 (1), p. 37-46
Journal article

Electrochemistry of Single-Vesicle Events

Jacqueline Keighron, Yuanmo Wang, Ann-Sofie Cans
Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 13, p. 159-181
Review article

Creating Ultrafast Biosensors for Neuroscience

Yuanmo Wang
Doctoral thesis

Ultrafast Glutamate Biosensor Recordings in Brain Slices Reveal Complex Single Exocytosis Transients

Yuanmo Wang, Devesh Mishra, Jenny Bergman et al
ACS Chemical Neuroscience. Vol. 10 (3), p. 1744-1752
Journal article

Counting the Number of Glutamate Molecules in Single Synaptic Vesicles

Yuanmo Wang, Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Devesh Mishra et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 141 (44), p. 17507-17511
Journal article

Co-detection of dopamine and glucose with high temporal resolution

Jenny Bergman, Lisa Mellander, Yuanmo Wang et al
Catalysts. Vol. 8 (1)
Journal article

Counting the number of enzymes immobilized onto a nanoparticle-coated electrode

Jenny Bergman, Yuanmo Wang, Joakim Wigström et al
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Vol. 410 (6), p. 1775-1783
Journal article

Development of Ultra-Fast Nanostructured Glucose Biosensor - Stoichiometry and Activity

Yuanmo Wang, Ann-Sofie Cans
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 110 (3), p. 429A-429A
Magazine article

Millisecond Time Resolved Electrochemical Detection of Non-Electroactive Neurotransmitter Release

Ann-Sofie Cans, Jacqueline Keighron, Michael Kurczy et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 108 (2), p. 481A-481A
Other conference contribution

Amperometric Detection of Single Vesicle Acetylcholine Release Events from an Artificial Cell

Jacqueline Keighron, Joakim Wigström, Michael Kurczy et al
ACS Chemical Neuroscience. Vol. 6 (1), p. 181-188
Journal article

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