Zuzana Nedelkova

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A splitting algorithm for simulation-based optimization problems with categorical variables

Zuzana Nedelkova, Christoffer Cromvik, Peter Lindroth et al
Engineering Optimization. Vol. 51 (5), p. 815-831
Journal article

Efficient solution of many instances of a simulation-based optimization problem utilizing a partition of the decision space

Zuzana Nedelkova, Peter Lindroth, Michael Patriksson et al
Annals of Operations Research. Vol. 265 (1), p. 93-118
Journal article

Optimization of truck tyres selection

Zuzana Nedelkova
Doctoral thesis

Modelling of optimal tyres selection for a certain truck and transport application

Zuzana Nedelkova, Peter Lindroth, Bengt J H Jacobson
International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing. Vol. 12 (3/4), p. 284-303
Journal article

An Introduction to Continuous Optimization, 3rd edition

Niclas Andréasson, Anton Evgrafov, Michael Patriksson et al

Design and development of a road profile generator

Arnold Odrigo, Moustafa El-Gindy, Pär Pettersson et al
International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing. Vol. 11 (3), p. 217-233
Journal article

Integration of expert knowledge into radial basis function surrogate models

Zuzana Nedelkova, Peter Lindroth, Ann-Brith Strömberg et al
Optimization and Engineering. Vol. 17 (3), p. 577-603
Journal article

TyreOpt - Phase I

Zuzana Nedelkova

A joint model of vehicle, tyres, and operation for the optimization of truck tyres

Zuzana Sabartova, Bengt J H Jacobson, Peter Lindroth
Proceedings of the 4th International Tyre Colloquium, p. 177-186
Other conference contribution

An optimization model for truck tyres selection

Zuzana Sabartova, Peter Lindroth, Ann-Brith Strömberg et al
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Engineering Optimization, ENGOPT 2014; Lisbon; Portugal; 8 September 2014 through 11 September 2014, p. 561-566
Paper in proceeding

Optimizing truck tyres

Peter Lindroth, Michael Patriksson, Zuzana Sabartova et al
Orbit medlemsblad for Dansk Selskab for Operationsanalyse og Svenska OperationsAnalysFöreningen (23), p. 12-14
Journal article

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TyreOpt - Fuel consumption reduction by tyre drag optimization

Ann-Brith Strömberg Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Zuzana Nedelkova Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Patriksson Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Bengt J H Jacobson Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Swedish Energy Agency

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