Sustainable Refurbishment of Existing Bridges (SUREBridge)

The project aims to realize an innovative and holistic refurbishment approach (method, technology and calculation tool) using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) materials to perform bridge maintenance including repair, strengthening and refurbishment actions in the most effective and efficient way, in the shortest possible time, with the most efficient, sustainable use of resources and with minimum possible disturbance and disruption for the environment and road users.


Reza Haghani Dogaheh (contact)

Docent at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering


A.I.C.E. Consulting

Ghezzano, Italy

FiberCore Europe

Rotterdam, Netherlands


European Commission (EC)

Funding years 2015–2018

Related Areas of Advance and Infrastructure

Materials Science

Area of Advance

Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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