Healthy and sustainable snacks
Research Project, 2018 – 2020

The amount of food wasted throughout the food industry is of huge financial and environmental concern. Alternative solutions for resource efficient value chains, for example by use of technologies with less use of energy and with better preservation of nutrients and functional properties, as well as re-cycling of side streams from food industry are urgently needed. The demand for new, and especially healthy snacks is increasing. The purpose of the project is to validate the applicability of results from a previous research project to convert side streams from the agro-food industry into nutrient-dense snacks.

 In the proposed project we will apply developed techniques to produce extruded, healthy and attractive snack products based on side streams from juice and cereal processing industries. Through collaboration with end users and marketing experts, the aim is also to prepare for the commercialization of new, climate-friendly products. The purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable agro-food production chain, both in terms of economy and environment, as well as promoting healthy food production and consumption.


Marie Alminger (contact)

Chalmers, Life Sciences, Food and Nutrition Science

Gabriel Barbosa

Chalmers, Life Sciences, Food and Nutrition Science


Fazer Kvarn AB

Lidköping, Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Göteborg, Sweden


Grangärde, Sweden

Svantes Vilt & Bär




Project ID: 2018-01888
Funding Chalmers participation during 2018–2019

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