CVD 2.0 - En ny generation av hårda beläggningar
Research Project, 2016 – 2021

This proposal has as an objective to create a strong platform for the development of new CVD processes for hard coatings. Three research groups from Uppsala University, Chalmers and the Royal Institute of Technology together with Sandvik Coromant AB, formed a group to develop the next generation wear resistant hard coatings. Together we represent unique know-how in the field. We call this platform CVD 2.0 and the idea is to develop new and ground breaking coating processes for the Swedish cemented carbide industry. The research work is described in 4 work packages: synthesis and modelling of new hetero-metallic precursors with a tailored composition (WP1), Design of new deposion system for the new deposition processes (WP2), Design of new multi-phase coatings having multiple properties (WP 3) and new tools in process control and caracterization (WP 4). Altogether they will form the necessary tools for a sucsessful The expected results will be

1) New hard coatings that will strengthen the Swedish cemented carbide industry.

2) That the CVD competence in Sweden on hard materials will be maintained and strengthened considerably. This is of strategic importance to the Swedish industry and academy in general and to the cemented carbide industry in particular.

3) More Phds within this area. Sandvik AB will support this proposal finacially both with equipment and with personell, se stategic relevance.


Mats Halvarsson (contact)

Materials Microstructure


Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden


Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

Project ID: RMA15-0048
Funding Chalmers participation during 2016–2021

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