Application of calixarene for nanometer magnetic particle fabrication
Paper in proceeding, 2000

An application of the negative tone electron beam resist Calixarene for fabrication of nanometer magnetic particles is reported. Thorough resist characterisation is performed. Proximity tests for characterization of the intraproximity behaviour of the resist on the tested substrate is investigated to compensate for modulation of lateral dimensions due to electron scattering. Magnetic particles were fabricated by a combination of EBL and ion beam milling using Calixarene as a transfer layer down to Fe. We fabricated arrays of circular particles with characteristic dimensions down to 40 nm. Initial results of topographic and magnetic force microscopy are reported

ferromagnetic materials

sputter etching

magnetic particles


electron resists

magnetic force microscopy

atomic force microscopy

proximity effect (lithography)


particle size

nanostructured materials


surface topography


Piotr Jedrasik

Department of Microelectronics and Nanoscience

Maj Hanson

Chalmers, Department of Experimental Physics, Solid State Physics

Bengt Nilsson

Department of Microelectronics and Nanoscience

Microelectronic Engineering

0167-9317 (ISSN)

Vol. 53 497-500

Areas of Advance

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Materials Science

Subject Categories

Condensed Matter Physics



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