Industry 4.0 enabling technologies for increasing operational flexibility in final assembly
Journal article, 2022

The manufacturing industry is facing uncertainties caused by growing competition and increasing customer demands. Simultaneously, the fourth industrial revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, is helping in modernising the manufacturing industry. In the process of modernising, companies are now capable of building resilience into their systems. This resilience is in the form of higher operational flexibility, which helps cope with the growing uncertainties. The new technologies under the Industry 4.0 umbrella can be used to increase operational flexibility. This article summarises various Industry 4.0 enabling technologies that can increase operational flexibility in final assembly.

Final assembly

Industry 4.0

Operational flexibility


Omkar Salunkhe

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Production Systems

Åsa Fasth Berglund

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Production Systems

Stena Recycling AB

International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

2217-2661 (ISSN)

Vol. 13 1 38-48

Stena Industry Innovation Lab at Chalmers - SII-Lab

Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture - Stena Foundation (SII-Lab), 2018-01-01 -- 2020-12-30.

DIPPA (DIgitalisation of Product- and Production design to increase Automation)

FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (2018-05039), 2019-04-01 -- 2021-04-01.

VINNOVA (2018-05039), 2019-04-01 -- 2021-04-05.

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Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics

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