Method of real-time generation of 3d imaging
Patent, 2023

The present invention relates to a method of real-time generation of a 3D geometry of an object. The method comprises the steps of calibrating at least one RGB camera pair arranged to provide images of the object, receiving input images of the object from the at least on RGB camera pair, and performing a stereo reconstruction in a first hierarchical level using the input images. The stereo reconstruction step further comprises the steps of a) performing a ray marching operation in a first resolution on the input images to determine geometry positions along each view ray of the images; b) applying a uniqueness criterion to the geometry positions; c) determining a normal for each geometry position; d) performing a regularization operation based on the geometry positions and the respective normal, providing updated geometry positions; and e) performing an interpolation operation on the updated geometry positions …


Ulf Assarsson

Embedded Electronics Systems and Computer Graphics

Sverker Rasmuson

Embedded Electronics Systems and Computer Graphics

Erik Sintorn

Embedded Electronics Systems and Computer Graphics


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Computer Vision and Robotics (Autonomous Systems)

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