Generators and relations for (generalised) Cartan type superalgebras
Paper in proceedings, 2018

In Kac's classification of finite-dimensional Lie superalgebras, the contragredient ones can be constructed from Dynkin diagrams similar to those of the simple finite-dimensional Lie algebras, but with additional types of nodes. For example, A(n−1,0)=sl(1|n) can be constructed by adding a "gray" node to the Dynkin diagram of An−1=sl(n), corresponding to an odd null root. The Cartan superalgebras constitute a different class, where the simplest example is W(n), the derivation algebra of the Grassmann algebra on n generators. Here we present a novel construction of W(n), from the same Dynkin diagram as A(n−1,0), but with additional generators and relations.


Martin Cederwall

Chalmers, Physics, Theoretical Physics

Jakob Palmkvist

Chalmers, Physics, Theoretical Physics

Prague, Czech Republic,

Beyond space and time

Swedish Research Council (VR), 2016-01-01 -- 2019-12-31.

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Algebra and Logic


Mathematical Analysis


Basic sciences

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