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Analysis of bicycle crashes in Sweden involving injuries with high risk of health loss

Maria Ohlin, Beatrix Algurén, Anders Lie
Traffic Injury Prevention
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Duration of sickness absence following a bicycle crash, by injury type and injured body region: A nationwide register-based study

Maria Ohlin, Linnea Kjeldgard, Rasmus Elrud et al
Journal of Transport and Health. Vol. 9, p. 275-281
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Sickness absence among passenger car occupants following a Crash

Rasmus Elrud, H. Stigson, Maria Ohlin et al
Conference proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI. Vol. 2017-September, p. 79-90
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Modelling the effect on injuries and fatalities when changing mode of transport from car to bicycle

Philip Nilsson, Helena Stigson, Maria Ohlin et al
Accident Analysis and Prevention. Vol. 100, p. 30-36
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The combined effect of vehicle frontal design, speed reduction, autonomous emergency braking and helmet use in reducing real life bicycle injuries

Maria Ohlin, Johan Strandroth, Claes Tingvall
Safety Science. Vol. e-pub ahead of print, p. 338-344
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Long-term problems influencing health-related quality of life after road traffic injury – Differences between bicyclists and car occupants

Maria Ohlin, Hans-Yngve Berg, Anders Lie et al
Journal of Transport and Health. Vol. 4, p. 180-190
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Correlation between Euro NCAP Pedestrian Test Results and Injury Severity in Injury Crashes with Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Sweden

Johan Strandroth, Simon Sternlund, Anders Lie et al
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2014-November (November)
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Potential safety benefits of Automatic Collision Notification - A case by case analysis

Maria Ohlin, Johan Strandroth, Anders Lie
21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems: Reinventing Transportation in Our Connected World, ITSWC 2014; Cobo CenterDetroit; United States; 7 September 2014 through 11 September 2014
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