Jun Wang

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Lithographic Microfabrication of a 16-Electrode Array on a Probe Tip for High Spatial Resolution Electrochemical Localization of Exocytosis

Joakim Wigström, Johan Dunevall, Neda Najafinobar et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 88 (4), p. 2080-2087
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Development of an Organic Lateral Resolution Test Device for Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Melissa Passarelli, Jun Wang, Amir Saeid Mohammadi et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 86 (19), p. 9473-9480
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Spatial Resolution of Single-Cell Exocytosis by Microwell-Based Individually Addressable Thin Film Ultramicroelectrode Arrays

Jun Wang, R. Trouillon, Johan Dunevall et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 86 (9), p. 4515-4520
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Microfluidic biosensor for the detection of DNA by fluorescence enhancement and the following streptavidin detection by fluorescence quenching

Jun Wang, Michihiko Aki, Daisuke Onoshima et al
Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Vol. 51, p. 280-285
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Simultaneous study of subcellular exocytosis with individually addressable multiple microelectrodes

Jun Wang, Andrew Ewing
The Analyst. Vol. 139 (13), p. 3290-3295
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Spatial resolution of exocytosis across a single cell by a microwell-based individually addressable thin film ultra-microelectrode array

Jun Wang, R. Trouillon, Johan Dunevall et al
17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2013; Freiburg; Germany; 27 October 2013 through 31 October 2013. Vol. 1, p. 392-394
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Risk factors for neurodevelopmental deficits in congenital hypothyroidism after early substitution treatment.

Kaiming Huo, Zhan Zhang, Dehua Zhao et al
Endocrine Journal. Vol. 58 (5), p. 355-61
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Impaired thymic export and apoptosis contribute to regulatory T-cell defects in patients with chronic heart failure.

Ting-Ting Tang, Zheng-Feng Zhu, Jun Wang et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 6 (9), p. e24272-
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