Final report EEVC European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee Ad-Hoc Group on Whiplash Injuries and EEVC WG12 Advanced Anthropometric Adult Crash Dummies
Rapport, 2002

Summary Several proposals for a test procedure for neck injury protection assessment have been published. A good deal of data are available to serve as a basis for the choice of; test set-up (e.g. full vehicle test, sled test), accident severity (delta-v, acceleration characteristic) and crash dummy type. There is however a lack of information regarding the choice of a neck injury criterion and a tolerance level. There are however promising activities under way, for instance in the ongoing EU-project "Whiplash II". The EEVC ad-hoc working group on whiplash injuries recommends that a new EEVC activity on rear impact is established. Although much research work has taken place there are still significant gaps in the knowledge base, before a full regulatory test procedures can be fully adopted. The ad-hoc group feels that a new EEVC activity would have an important role to play in initiating and evaluating new research to fill these gaps. Future tasks for any new EEVC activity would include: a) Test procedures b) Test devices (crash dummies). c) Assessment criteria d) Validation

Crash Dummy

Injury Criterion

Neck injury

Whiplash Injury

Cervical Spine Distortion

Rear end collision


Mats Svensson

Chalmers, Institutionen för maskin- och fordonssystem, Teknisk trafiksäkerhet

François Bermond

Tjark Kreuzinger

Antonio Dal Monte

Hans Cappon

Adrian Roberts

Eric Song

Wolfram Hell

Giorgio Lanzetto

Anders Kullgren

Matthew Avery





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