Towards a consistent threat assessment at traffic junctions using road information and naturalistic data: A test example
Paper i proceeding, 2015

This paper presents enhanced versions of two metrics: the Time-to-Brake (TTB) and the Brake-Treat-Number (BTN), which are used as measures to describe the degree of being critical of traffic situations. The main idea is to include road information as input to obtain a more advanced prediction of the leading vehicle. The results, illustrated by an example using real data, show a better assessment of the collision potential hazard and no false alarms.

Driver behavior modeling

Field operational test

Active safety testing methods and tools


Esteban Gelso

Signaler och system, System- och reglerteknik, Mekatronik

Jonas Sjöberg

Signaler och system, System- och reglerteknik, Mekatronik

Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Future Active Safety Technology Towards zero traffic accidents, 2015





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