New wheelsets for 25 and 30 tonne axle loads
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 2003

Increased load capacity of wagons is a key factor for strengthening the economic viability of railway freight transportation and thus an important step towards increasing the railway’s share of goods. Consequently, there is a demand for wheels and axles that can sustain higher axle loads. In co-operation with Chalmers University of Technology, the development of new wheels and axles for 25 and 30 tonne axle loads started at Lucchini Sweden several years ago. This was part of a project initiated by the demand for wheelsets carrying higher axle loads on the Iron Ore Line in northern Sweden and Norway. The primary aim was to achieve good performance of the wheels under high thermal loads at gradient braking. Focus has been on reduction of change of wheel gauge during and after braking and on keeping the residual tensile stresses induced in the wheel rim by the braking at a low level. The wheels are forged and rolled and the material R7 is used. The axles are designed according to EN 13103 and the material A1N is used. The axles are not further discussed in this paper.


Roger Lundén


Jürgen Schneider

Tore V Vernersson


Internationale Schienenfahrzeugtagung (RAD Schiene 2003)




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