Effects of storage on mixed-culture biological electrodes
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2015

Storage methods are important to preserve the viability and biochemical characteristics of microbial cultures between experiments or during periods when bioreactors are inactive. Most of the research on storage has focused on isolates; however, there is an increasing interest in methods for mixed cultures, which are of relevance in environmental biotechnology. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of different storage methods on electrochemically active enrichment cultures. Acetate-oxidizing bioanodes generating a current density of about 5 A m−2 were enriched in a microbial electrolysis cell. The effect of five weeks of storage was evaluated using electrochemical techniques and microbial community analysis. Storage by refrigeration resulted in quicker re-activation than freezing in 10% glycerol, while the bioelectrochemical activity was entirely lost after storage using dehydration. The results showed that the bioelectrochemical activity of bioanodes stored at low temperature could be retained. However, during the re-activation period the bioanodes only recovered 75% of the current density generated before storage and the bacterial communities were different in composition and more diverse after storage than before.


Soroush Saheb Alam

Chalmers, Bygg- och miljöteknik, Vatten Miljö Teknik

Frank Persson

Chalmers, Bygg- och miljöteknik, Vatten Miljö Teknik

Britt-Marie Wilen

Chalmers, Bygg- och miljöteknik, Vatten Miljö Teknik

Malte Hermansson

Göteborgs universitet

Oskar Modin

Chalmers, Bygg- och miljöteknik, Vatten Miljö Teknik

Scientific Reports

2045-2322 (ISSN) 20452322 (eISSN)

Vol. 5 no. 18433- 18433

Mikrobiell elektrosyntes - en grundläggande undersökning av nya cellandningsvägar

Vetenskapsrådet (VR) (2012-5167), 2013-01-01 -- 2016-12-31.

Extracting electrical current from organic compounds in wastewater (BIOANODE)

Europeiska kommissionen (EU) (EC/FP7/303527), 2012-04-01 -- 2016-03-31.

Miljövänlig produktion av kemikalier

Konung Carl XVI Gustafs 50-årsfond (Carl XVI Gustafs 50-årsfond), 2014-05-07 -- 2014-12-31.

Microbial electrosynthesis - a fundamental investigation of new respiratory pathways

Carl Tryggers Stiftelse för Vetenskaplig Forskning (CTS13:303), 2014-01-01 -- 2015-12-31.


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