Design Analysis by Means of Axonometric Hand–drawn Illustrations
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 1992

This scientific contribution summarizes some of the research and development work carried out by the authors while we were engaged in the Volvo Automobile Company’s assembly plant in Uddevalla. It explains how we managed the illustrate the product architecture and product variation of the automobile model in question (the Volvo 700 model). 

Comment: Our clients (the project organisation at Volvo) allowed us to make scientific contributions reporting on e.g. principles and practises during the life of this assembly plant, but they were not keen letting us publish any hard information (many other scientists were far interested publishing just anything). For strategic reasons would, in fact, the principles be kept secret instead (however these principles, though practised by Volvo, were actually never officially/publically absorbed by the Volvo companies) (nowadays are all of the knowledgeable individuals etíher dead or retired). Most probably do similar efforts calling for an experimental workshop in connection with an industrial change, as well as access to similar competencies (various knowledgeable practitioners, as well as senior and junior research competencies, were inventible called for) (just to master the specific nomenclature at hand within the various Volvo companies was really difficult for us) (who will help an external scientist if this requires extra work just to understand what he or she wants?). This is a situation that is almost an impossibility today, with the ways research and development work are organised and financed today at Chalmers University of Technology (in fact, it was far more anarchistic earlier, as long as you were able to finance the efforts in question).

assembly work


work structuring

Volvo Uddevalla plant

learning and training

restructuring of information systems

autonomous workgroups

long work cycle times

alternatives to line assembly

manufacturing technology


work organisation


small workgroups


Tomas Engström

Institutionen för transportteknik

Mikael Hedin

Institutionen för industriplanering

Lars Medbo

Institutionen för transportteknik

Proceedings of International Product Development Management Conference on New Approach to Development and Engineering, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), the Gothenburg Center for Work Science and International Center for Research on the Management of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brussels.. s. 147 - 157
Brussels, Belgium,


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