Improved reliability of electrically conductive adhesives joints on Cu-Plated PCB substrate enhanced by graphene protection barrier
Paper i proceeding, 2017

Graphene protection barrier was introduced to the interface between the ECAs and Cu-plated wire to enhance the reliability of the ECAs joints on Cu-Plated PCB substrate due to its excellent properties of impermeability to all gases/salts as well as its thermal/chemical stability. The results of shear test indicated graphene protection barrier can improve the shear strength of the ECAs joints on Cu-plated PCB substrate by almost 22% after 500 hours high temperature and high humidity cyclic test. Characterizations by optical microscope and XPS were further performed to explain the mechanism. To sum up, it can be believed that the graphene protection barrier can dramatically enhance the reliability of the ECAs joints on Cu-Plated PCB substrate.

Cu-Plated PCB


Graphene protection barrier


S. Huang

Shanghai University

W. Ke

Shanghai University

Y. Yang

Shanghai University

H. Ye

Shanghai University

S. Chen

Shanghai University

B. Shan

Shanghai University

Jie Bao

Huangshan University

Q. Wang

Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Graphene Application and Technology (SIAGAT)

G. Yuan

Shanghai University

X. Lu

Shanghai University

Y. Zhang

Shanghai University

Yifeng Fu

Elektronikmaterial och system

L. Ye

SHT Smart High-Tech

Johan Liu

Elektronikmaterial och system

2017 IMAPS Nordic Conference on Microelectronics Packaging, NordPac 2017, Goteborg, Sweden, 18-20 June 2017